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Our Core Values

We create healthy, beautiful smiles in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Park Ridge,
and the surrounding communities through the latest in cutting edge orthodontic treatment.
We strive to make our office the friendliest around and always welcome new patients.

Welcome to our FAMILY
where we only have GOOD and GREAT days!
EVERYONE is part of the SOLUTION;
when you do your part, we can do ours!

Encourage and accept open &
honest COMMUNICATION! Stronger Together!
Giving only the best! Evolving through
PERSONALIZED innovative transformations!

Contagious LAUGHTER is the foundation to creating
beautiful SMILES! Honor the JOURNEY by embracing
every challenge with passion & CELEBRATE
all successes no matter how small!
P.S. We LOVE you as much as we love BACON!

Why Choose Nakfoor Orthodontics?

100% Digital Office

All radiographs (X-rays) we take are digital,  offering  better  quality images than film  with  only a fraction  of the radiation, but we’re not stopping there. Our office is now an entirely computerized, and virtually “paperless” office.  This allows us to access all charts and patient information from anywhere in the office, thus, increasing efficiency.  Going virtually “paperless” also means that we send you appointment reminders via e-mail or text message.

Top Invisalign & Braces Specialists

“Dr. Nakfoor and our award-winning team are here to provide you with a fully customized treatment plan with your specific goals in mind.  No two smiles are alike and our team’s approach takes this into account, getting you from start to finish quickly and comfortably. As experts in both Invisalign clear aligners AND traditional braces, we can help you determine the best option for you or your child.

Lifetime Smile Guaranteed

Smiles4Life is the Nakfoor Orthodontics “Smile Guarentee”! If you ever have concerns about your smile or teeth have shifted we will be happy to discuss with you available options to re-align things!

Lifetime Retainer Option

Welcome to Retainers 4 Life! We are committed to giving an amazing, healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Because of this commitment we offer a lifetime retainer program. This program prevents you from needing to pay for replacement retainers.

Learn More about our LifeTime Retainer Program

Proud Partner with Smiles Change Lives!

Dr. Nakfoor is a proud partner in the Smiles Change Lives program which promotes and provides access to life-changing orthodontic treatment for children from low-income families. The program has treated more than 10,000 children since 1997. Smiles Change Lives has emerged as the nation's leader in providing access to orthodontic care for qualified youth.

Can't afford braces?
SCL is now serving kids ages 10-18 nationwide!
Download and fill out this application to determine if your family qualifies for our affordable nonprofit orthodontic program.

Patient Rewards Hub

Score cool prizes with our Patient Rewards Program! Watch your points add up for having great oral hygiene, no loose or broken brackets, regular dental visits, leaving a review, following us on Instagram, plus much more!

Click here to learn more!

Scholarship Contest

Dr. Nakfoor values higher education and likes to encourage and support the efforts of high school students. Initiated in 1993, The Scholarship Contest has been a great success! Two scholarship winners are awarded $1,000 each for writing a one-page essay on an assigned topic related to their orthodontic experience. The title is changed each year. The instructions and an application are made available in February, and an April deadline is given for the submission of the essay. Winners are determined by a committee of staff members who evaluate the essays without knowledge of who the authors are.

Dental Monitoring:
How It Works

1. Take pictures of your smile from anywhere.
Simply download your personalized DM App on your smartphone and you’re on your way to a more efficient treatment. Your next appointment could take place at the beach.

2. Your orthodontist receives live feedback.
Regular notifications on your treatment are sent to your orthodontist on their DM dashboard. They can send you live updates, advice and more right in the DM in-App messaging system.

3. Check how your smile is changing.
The unique 3D Matching technology is available on your App. It allows you to replay your treatment. The movie of your progress is updated every time you take new photos. How cool is that?