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Road Map to A Lifelong Smile: Retainers 4 Life!

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Consistent nighttime wear of your retainer is paramount in preserving your radiant new smile.

Neglecting this crucial step may lead to unwanted shifting in your teeth. Replacement retainers can be costly! They are currently $450 per set and need to be replaced as needed or on average every 1-4 years.

Our Retainer 4 Life program gets you unlimited retainers. Once you enroll, you’ll pay a small co-pay which will unlock wholesale retainer pricing so you will never pay full price again.  The co-pay is waived on your first set of retainers. The program gives the peacee of mind that you’ll always have access to retainers to ensure a lifelong beautiful smile.

Get Retainers 4 Life!

Get UNLIMITED replacement retainers for only $45 per set* by enrolling in Retainers 4 Life, our retainer program exclusive to NAK4 patients. Choose from one of these payment options to enroll today!

*Copays are subject to change